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Nerd? Ha, I prefer intellectual bad ass

I Have A PhD In Horribleness

6 July 1995
Ooooookay. I am a band geek. I like a bunch of colors, but my favorites are blue, purple and black. I'm also a HUGE anime fan. I'm not much of a fan for the present day disney stuff, but I like the old animated disney movies like Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast, and stuff like that. But I haven't seen any of those in like forever. Maybe because I'm so hooked up in my anime. >=). And I LOVE My Chemical Romance. And I love The Legend of Zelda. But I don't do rap. I also play the clarinet in the marching band. I also love Slipknot. I love The Black Parade. It has to be like one of my favorite albums ever. Gerard Way is my celebrity crush.
3oh!3, ac/dc, afi, alice cooper, anime, ateryu, barrel of monkeys, bb, beetlejuice, bill kaulitz, bleach, blink-182, blossom, bob bryer, breaking dawn, bring me the horizon, bubbles, buttercup, cage the elephant, chelsea smile, christmas, coraline, corpse bride, danny elfman, davey havok, david bowie, death cab for cutie, death note, diamonds aren't forever, doctor who, dr. horrible, dr. pepper, dragon ball, dragon ball z, eclipse, edward scissorhands, emo boys, fall out boy, family guy, frankie iero, fun ghoul, gerard way, greenday, guitar, halloween, hot topic, i'm not okay, incubus, inuyasha, jacob black, jade puget, japan, jet star, joey jordison, johnny depp, journey, knee high socks, kobra kid, korn, l, lady gaga, lava lamps, lemony snicket, linkin park, ludo (band), marilyn manson, mario, matt, maximum the hormone, mello, metroid, metroid prime, mikey way, mindless self indulgence, misa, mojo jo jo, muse, my chemical romance, napoleon dynamite, near, new moon, nigahiga (youtube), ninja warrior, ninjas, nintendo, optimus prime, ozzy osbourne, panic! at the disco, party poison, phantom of the opera, pink floyd, playing videogames, power puff girls, puffy ami yumi, ray toro, reading manga, rem, ren & stimpy, robot chicken, rockband, ryuk, shut me up, sidoh, skulls, slipknot, south park, star wars, stupid mf, taylor swift, teen titans, teru mikami, the all-american rejects, the black parade, the ghost of you, the internet, the killers, the killjoys, the legend of zelda, the nightmare before christmas, the police (band), the rasmus, tim burton, tim burton movies, tokio hotel, tweety bird, twilight, viva la bam, yu yu hakusho, yu-gi-oh